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ADS Marine

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11 Şubat 2024 - 18:14

ADS Marine


ADS Marine: Yacht Brokerage Services in the Adriatic Sea

ADS Marine is a yacht brokerage firm operating in the Adriatic Sea region. Providing sales mediation services in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, the company provides comprehensive support to its customers in the yacht buying and selling processes. It also provides services such as collection and review of all documents required for ship purchase, technical ship inspection, and registration in the ship registry.

Aleks Domenis, one of the founders of the company, is an experienced economic expert and yacht broker. Under his leadership, ADS Marine prioritizes customer satisfaction with its high quality service approach. Marina De Santi, an expert in natural sciences, serves as the company’s sales and marketing manager. Martin Domenis is a sales assistant and head of the advertising department. Nency Francetić, who specializes in administrative affairs and advertising, manages the company’s operations.

ADS Marine operates in prestigious marinas such as Marina Izola in Slovenia and Marina Punat in Croatia. In this way, it offers services to its customers in a wide geographical scope.

The company provides versatile support to its customers who want to buy and sell sailboats and motor boats. ADS Marine’s expert team assists customers in stages such as collecting and reviewing the necessary documents before purchasing a boat, technical inspection services, and registration in the ship registry.

ADS Marine has an important position in the yacht buying and selling sector in the Adriatic Sea region with its high quality service approach, expert staff and wide operation network.

This article contains a brief summary introducing ADS Marine’s services, its employees and the regions in which it operates.

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