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Alalunga Yacht

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09 Şubat 2024 - 14:27

Alalunga Yacht

Alalunga Yacht


Alalunga Yacht: The Pearl of Luxury and Elegance

Alalunga Yacht is one of the leading names in the maritime world. Produced by Finland-based Nautor’s Swan in 2004, Alalunga dazzles with its length of 30.21 meters. While this magnificent yacht attracts attention with its 7.06 meter width and 4.8 meter draft, it also pushes the limits of luxury and comfort with its 84 GT volume.

Superior Design and Construction

Alalunga’s exterior design was handled by German Frers, one of the leading names in industrial design. Alalunga, where aesthetics and functionality are in perfect harmony in every detail, also bears the signature of Nautor’s Swan in its interior design. The naval architecture was also carefully shaped by German Frers. This superior design makes Alalunga not just a yacht but also a work of art.

The Point Where Comfort and Luxury Meet

Alalunga superyacht offers accommodation for up to 8 people. There is also private accommodation for 4 crew members, providing excellent service in every sense. Swan 100 FD yacht Alalunga has a GRP hull and superstructure and is powered by Cummins Inc. It comes from the engine. The yacht is ideal for long journeys with its capacity to carry 2,500 liters of fuel and 1,500 liters of water.

Outstanding Achievements in the Industry

Alalunga Yacht occupies a special position among the largest yachts in the world. Being the 18th largest yacht built by Nautor’s Swan, it has a prestigious place in the superyacht industry. Alalunga, which makes you feel the quality and care in every detail, continues to embellish the dreams of maritime enthusiasts.


Alalunga Yacht is one of the favorite brands of the maritime world with its excellent design, superior comfort and luxurious details. Alalunga, meticulously crafted in every detail, is designed to turn your journeys into an unforgettable experience. For those looking for prestige, comfort and perfection, Alalunga Yacht will always be the first choice.

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